New 'Lost' TV Spot Shows New Footage

New ‘Lost’ TV Spot Shows New Footage

Lost+Season+6+PosterWith exactly one week left before our minds get blown once again in the final season premiere of LOST, fans everywhere are still jonesing for whatever tidbits the internet has to offer about the upcoming episodes. We’ve been sure to bring you as much as we could, with new promos and pics, but this latest TV spot seems to give the most that we’ve seen.

Last we left everyone in season 5, Jacob was dead, Locke’s body was shown to the “undead” Locke, and Juliet set off the bomb that may or may not have reset time back to before all of this happened. Next week’s premiere is titled “LA X”, which could signify the airport that everyone was supposed to land in if things went well. It could also (and most likely) be a misdirection.

Check out the official ABC TV spot after the jump, and be sure to catch the season 6 premiere of LOST next Tuesday, February 2nd, on ABC.