Countdown To LOST: Five New Clips From the 'Lost' Final Season

Countdown To LOST: Five New Clips From the ‘Lost’ Final Season


With the final season of Lost set to premiere next week on ABC, fans of the show are obviously wondering what will happen to their favorite characters and probably have a lot of other questions. Will they ever get off the island? Did the explosion at the end of last season kill anyone or everyone? What is the smoke monster? Will Jack and Kate ever be together? Will Sawyer get a haircut?

These ,and more more, will finally be answered in the sixth and final season of Lost — at least according to promises made by the producers. In the meantime to get you primed for the show’s return, we’ve got five new clips that will hopefully entertain and maybe even answer some of those burining questions.

Oh, who am I kidding? These clips will just add even more questions to the list. We won’t know any real answers until the very last minute. But that’s okay because that’s what makes Lost such a great show — it keeps you guessing.

Lost returns to ABC next Tuesday at 9/8C. In the meantime, check out the five new video clips from the show after the jump.