Go Behind the Scenes With 'Heroes'

Go Behind the Scenes With ‘Heroes’

heroes-noah-bennettRegardless if people are still watching and some people feel strongly that NBC’s Heroes has run its course, the network is still promoting the show and still airing it. With the season finale (and perhaps the end of the show entirely) weeks away, NBC has sent us some videos giving you a behind the scenes look and interviews with some of the cast.

In the videos, you can go on the set and get an inside look at the show. Plus, you can how the cast and crew work together in the filming of each episode and hear from stars Masi Oka and Greg Grunberg during some of their downtime on set.

Even if the show’s future may be incertain, it’s still nice to see that the cast is behind their show and willing to talk about it in order to keep fans interested. Normally, I would chalk this up to simple desire to see their job continue.

But in this case, they seem to actually be genuine and really love the show. Maybe we should give Heroes another chance?

Check out Heroes Monday nights at 9/8C on NBC.

Fly On the Wall
Shot on set, a bug’s eye view of how directors work with actors (in this case James Kyson Lee) in getting a shot just right.

Masi Caught in the Act
Masi takes a moment on the Tokyo set to talk up episode 1.

Heroic Memory
On set, Greg Grunberg invokes his memories of episode one–and his inability to be free of Sylar.