Potential 'Green Lantern' Concept Art Leaks Online

Potential ‘Green Lantern’ Concept Art Leaks Online


With more and more news hitting daily on the upcoming Green Lantern film, there will of course be more information hitting the web that shouldn’t actually be out there. Between how big of a film this is turning out to be, and how much of a fanbase the DC character has developed over the decades of print, there were bound to be a few leaks.

With that news comes some potential new concept art for the alien life that we’ll be seeing in the film. Martin Campbell already confirmed that we’ll be seeing Kilowog, Abin Sur, and Toma-Re in the upcoming flick, but these is the first time we’ll be seeing what they could actually look like.

The images first hit on one of the Green Lantern fan message boards, and was later confirmed by several sources to be legit. This comes only days after Warner announced that Sony will be doing the special effect work for the upcoming film.

Check out the concept art after the jump, and be sure to keep it here for more Green Lantern news as it comes our way.