John Travolta Kicks Windows, Uses Puns In New ‘From Paris With Love’ Clip

FromParisWithLove_1We’ve been known to give John Travolta a hard time around here, and we don’t mean to. The guy has got some serious acting chops, and he’s still getting work after all these years. Any actor/actress that has fa diverse set of ilms like like Broken Arrow, Pulp Fiction, Hairspray, and Look Who’s Talking on a resume deserves some credit, so we’ll give it to him.

His newest film, From Paris With Love, seems to throw Travolta into a role that was definitely meant for another actor, if not many. His image in this film is something we’ve never seen before (not counting Pelham) and it’s quite refreshing to see an actor reinvent himself over and over in a span of 40 years.

In a new clip from the Pierre Morel (Taken) film, Travolta, as special agent Charlie Wax, infiltrates an enemy hideout in an unconventional way. Check out the clip after the jump, and be sure to catch From Paris With Love in theaters on February 5th.

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