Countdown To LOST: First Four Minutes Of Season Six

Is there anyone more excited for the beginning of the final season of LOST than me? Probably, but not by many. Now you can see the first four minutes of the upcoming premiere of Season Six, thanks to our friends at Coming Soon. This time we begin as most seasons do: with Jack waking up and being confused as to where he is or what’s happening.

We also see Juliet banging on the bomb until it blows. We then cut back to….wait a minute, is that Season One?! Only, well, you’ll see in the clip.¬†Here’s hoping that the new season delivers, answers a lot of the questions we’ve all had (like “What does Dharma Initiative Ranch Dressing taste like?”), and hopefully leaves us asking new questions that will make us miss the show when it ends this year, without feeling ripped off.

Check out the rest of the clip after the jump. (Spoilers for the end of Season Five, in case you are the one person not caught up yet.) and be sure to catch the rest of the premiere on ABC, Tuesday February 2nd, at 8PM.

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