Kevin Smith's 'Cop Out' Gets a Red Band Trailer

Kevin Smith’s ‘Cop Out’ Gets a Red Band Trailer

So far, the Cop Out trailer we’ve seen and the TV spots that have popped up haven’t inspired much hope that this latest Kevin Smith film will be very funny. In truth, it just doesn’t seem like a Kevin Smith film at all and instead, plays more like a generic studio buddy-cop picture. Obviously, we were hoping for a bit more.

Perhaps Warner Bros. is concerned as well because they’ve dropped a new Red Band trailer at MySpace that seems to reflect more of the “flavor” we’ve come to expect from Mr. Smith’s movies. Seeing this trailer, the film does look more like a Smith movie (although his name isn’t mentioned at all) and is definitely funnier. I just hope that these aren’t all the funny parts and we get more — and a story — when the film hits theaters on February 26.

The new Cop Out trailer is available after the break. Keep in mind this is a Red Band so it’s NSFW.