'Watchmen' Sequel Rumors Put To Rest

‘Watchmen’ Sequel Rumors Put To Rest

The Internet was abuzz last week with reports of a possible Watchmen sequel.  There was some suggestion that in the wake of DC President Paul Levitz stepping down Senior VP Dan DiDio was championing a sequel to the “unfilmable” film directed by Zak Snyder. Further, speculation had DiDio planning multiple spin-off projects based on one of DC’s most profitable comic book runs.

Adding to the confusion, and controversy, was the somewhat untimely use of art by comic book authority Wizard magazine. A portion of the picture depicted Batman laying some smack down on resident Watchmen psychopath Rorschach.

Let me say at this point I loved Watchmen. In fact, I loved it so much I never want a sequel to be made.  Thankfully, it seems, that will never happen…at least from what we’re hearing now.

Deadline.com looked into the Watchmen 2 rumor and a well placed insider stated: “There is no truth to anything related to a movie sequel. Not a chance by a long shot. With regards to the comics, well, I guess anything is possible. I’ll keep my opinion to myself as to whether it’s a smart idea to do so.”

So, that puts one rumor to rest, but what about that Wizard art?  Well, ex- Wizard employe Sean T. Collins stated the art was originally done in 2007 and had nothing do to with a forthcoming Watchmen sequel:

“The art and article in question, by Art Adams and Matt Powell respectively, were generated to cover DC’s then-forthcoming Countdown: Arena miniseries, in which characters from around DC’s recently reborn Multiverse, which consisted in large part of Elseworlds-derived worlds, were forced into gladitorial combat against one another. The piece didn’t reflect any inside information of any kind, about the desire to introduce Watchmen’s world into continuity, creating new projects involving it or anything else…”

Now, assuming all of this is not simply clever disinformation it doesn’t sound like a Watchmen sequel is on the horizon. Good news for Watchmen fans, like me, who feel anything done in this capacity would be an absolute money-grab on DC’s part. Rest easy comic book fanboys, all is right in the world of Watchmen again. Phew.