Apple Updates Aperture to Version 3.0

Today, the Apple Store went down, as it often does, and amid speculation that new core i5 and i7 MacBook Pros would be announced, when the store came back Apple instead dropped a comprehensive update of Aperture, its flagship image editing software, on us. The latest version, cleverly dubbed Aperture 3, brings many of the features users love from iPhoto ’09 and adds them to Aperture’s new, improved software set and tools.

According to Apple, the latest version of Aperture includes over 200 new features such as:

• Organization using Faces and Places
• Brand new Brushes that let you paint effects on images,
• Full 64-bit support for Snow Leopard
• Improved image adjustments with more “fine tuning”
• Facebook and Flickr uploading

Apple has a free 30-day trial or you can buy the latest version for U.S. $199.00, and upgrades are available for any existing Aperture users for U.S. $99.00.

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