Exclusive: Alessandra Torresani Talks 'Caprica'

Exclusive: Alessandra Torresani Talks ‘Caprica’

With the second episode airing last Friday on SyFy, things have been picking up quite a lot for the first season of Caprica, the prequel spin off of Battlestar Galactica. Many of us remember the events that took place in the pilot, which hit DVD shelves back in April, and now things are underway for a whole season of action, drama and cylons.

One star in particular has been stirring up some buzz on the web, as Alessandra Torresani’s provocative photo shoot has been circulating around. We got the chance to sit down with star Alessandra, who plays “Zoe”, at New York’s Big Apple Convention. We spoke about her role on the show, how much more we’ll get to see of “Zoe”, and what Alessandra’s plans are now that she’s been introduced to the world of science fiction.

Check out our exclusive interview after the jump, and be sure to catch Alessandra and the rest of the Caprica on SyFy, every Friday night.