'LOST' Star Michael Emerson Stops By On 'The Soup'

‘LOST’ Star Michael Emerson Stops By On ‘The Soup’

While most of our favorite shows on NBC are on hold for something called “curling,” other networks are rolling along with their original programming. With that in mind, we get a bit of fan service as Michael Emerson, better known as Lost‘s Ben Linus, made a special appearance on last week’s The Soup.

Many fans across the country got to drop a jaw as the mysterious villain popped by to question the logistics of last week’s 24 in which Jack Bauer defies the laws of pain and reality once again. Emerson, who isn’t as creepy in real life as his Lost-counterpart seems to be every week.

According to ABC’s publicity, tonight’s episode is said to be a Locke-centric story, as “Locke goes in search of help to further his cause.” Not a surprise that they don’t give much more than that.

Check out the clip after the jump, and be sure to catch tonight’s episode of Lost entitled “The Substitute” on ABC at 9pm/8pm Central.