Get A Sneak Peek at Tonight's 'Ghost Hunters International' Finale

Get A Sneak Peek at Tonight’s ‘Ghost Hunters International’ Finale

If you’ve been watching Syfy’s Ghost Hunters International you know the team has dealt with some pretty crazy stuff during this season. In truth, it’s probably never easy to deal with ghosts and tonight’s winter finale of the show is no exception.

In tonight’s episode entitled “The Legend of Rose Hall,” the team travels to Jamaica tracking the White Witch. In this preview, they set up some devices to track the movement of the ghost and also discuss several other techniques that help them in their work.

The show looks pretty interesting but I’ve always wondered why they shoot shows like this in the dark with a night vision camera. Do ghosts really know the difference between day and night or light and dark? Wouldn’t they still come out if their was light in the room? Just curious.

Anyway, check out the preview after the jump. The Ghost Hunters International season finale airs tonight at 9/8C on Syfy.