All New Preview Clips of 'The Office' and 'SVU'

All New Preview Clips of ‘The Office’ and ‘SVU’

Are you missing shows like The Office and Law and Order SVU during the Olympics hiatus? Us too. Fortunately, NBC has sent us over some new videos to tide us over until these shows return.

The first is a promo for SVU, which returns March 3rd with two back-to-back episodes. In the promo we get to see what’s up with our favorite cops and how they’re dealing with a new and potentially explosive case.

Also, to commemorate and get you excited for the special “Baby” episode of The Office where Jim and Pam’s bundle of joy finally makes an appearance, we’ve got some clips highlighting their budding romance. In the clips, follow Jim and Pam through Season 4 as they struggle to keep their relationship a secret from the rest of the office and finally make the decision to take it official.

Check out all the videos after the break. The Office “Baby” episode airs March 4th and SVU returns March 3rd on NBC.

Law and Order: SVU

Sneak Peek of “Savior”

The Office

Coming Out
Pam and Jim reveal their relationship to the office.

Office Secrets
Pam and Jim swap office secrets about coworkers.

Jim’s Plan
Jim teases Pam that a marriage proposal is coming soon.

Jim’s Passion
Jim shows off his passion for Italian food.

Secret Dating
Pam and Jim keep their romance out of the office.

Official Relationship
Pam and Jim officially announce their relationship.

Overnight Trip
Pam and Jim take their first overnight trip together.

Caught on Tape
Pam and Jim are confronted about their relationship.