The Flickcast's 'On The Radar'

The Flickcast’s ‘On The Radar’

This week on the radar we’ve got news on Steven Spielberg’s potential return to dinosaurs, the status of the third Mortal Kombat film, NBC gets a Gold in the ratings competition, and what comic book legend may show up on one of our favorite shows, The Big Bang Theory.

Let’s see what blips are on the radar this week.

Boba Fett, finally the deadliest action figure in a galaxy far, far away

If you’re like me, you grew up on the first generation of Star Wars toys and action figures. You know the ones, they had a massive (sarcasm) five points of articulation. Well, one figure that was sort of an urban legend was the missile-firing Boba Fett.  We all heard of it, but rarely saw it.  Well, now it can be yours with the purchase of five other figures!  Offer expires 3/31/2011, while supplies last, only valid in US and Canada…and a whole lot of other legal fine print I’m sure.

Tron: Legacy viral campaign starts to gear up

Disney teased everyone at last year’s Comic Con about a Tron viral campaign. With the highly anticipated film set to open this December online viral goodness have started to trickle out.  The first is a new site with a somewhat enigmatic theme to it.  Can you figure out what it is?  I don’t want to ruin it, but if you must know check this link out.

Bond 23 could be named by fans

As MGM struggles to avoid insolvency, another pressing matter is occurring: what to name the next James Bond film.  Two titles are being tossed around at this point, both from original Ian Fleming works; Risico (win) and The Property of a Lady (fail).  If neither seems appealing to you, don’t worry, director Sam Mendes may consider other options according to an MGM executive:

“The title of Bond 23 is still in the melting pot and it’s true that there aren’t that many of Fleming’s major works to choose from. We and Sam are listening very closely to what the fans are saying and there is every possibility that we might latch on to one of their ideas.”

James Cameron set to write a prequel novel to Avatar

Avatar director James Cameron is looking to write a prequel to his mega-hit movie.  Speaking with MTV, producer Jon Landau said:

“Jim is going to write a novel himself,” the film’s producer, Jon Landau, told us when he stopped by the MTV News studios recently. “Not a novelization — and there is a distinction. A novelization basically retells the story of the movie. Jim wants to write a novel that is a big, epic story that fills in a lot of things.”

I could go on about this but I don’t want to start another flame war about Avatar in our comment section.

NBC # 1 in ratings…for now anyway

Way to go NBC!  You finally claimed top spot, up against American Idol no less.  It only took the combined effort of several nations all competing at the Winter Olympics to do it.  Savor the Gold  NBC because once the Olympics are offer it’s most likely back to fourth place…and there’s no medal for that.  Don’t worry though, as long as you keep airing Community you’ve got my eyeballs.

Variety is up for sale…oh, wait, never mind

Back in January Daily Variety, the entertainment industry trade publication, was put up for sale with very little fanfare. Citing declining ad revenue the trade’s owner, Reed Business Information, attempted to unload the magazine.  It seems things have changed, however, and Reed will keep Variety as it undergoes changes:

“The imperative is to continue restructuring the magazines business and the advertising driven portfolio; to align the cost base with reduced revenue expectations; and to further grow the data services business,” the company said in its earnings report.

Even with ad sales down, Variety still boasted revenues of just under $1 billion.  Seems Variety still has some steam left in it after all.

Did the Iron Man 2 toys became the film’s biggest spoilers?

We got to see a lot of new toys at Toy Fair this week.  One toy line that had a huge presence was for the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie.  It seems whoever wrote up the descriptions on the packaging got a little too specific regarding the plot points of the film.  Put it all together and you get a pretty good idea of how the film is going to play out.  I don’t want to spoil it for anyway, so proceed with caution if you’re so inclined.

Mortal Kombat becomes…wait for it…Legal Kombat!

Fans anxious for a third Mortal Kombat film (and who want to wash away the suckfest that was the sequel) may have to wait a little longer.  Threshold Entertainment Inc. has filed a lawsuit against Warner Brothers, citing interest rights to the property:

“The lawsuit states that Threshold and Midway entered into an additional contract in 2006 to develop a third ‘Kombat’ movie, including script development and pre-production.”

Can’t we all just get alone guys.  Oh, wait, this is Mortal Kombat.  Finish Him!

Stan Lee tweets some Big Bang Theory news

@smilinstanlee: One of our Brigadiers told me “The Big Bang Theory” episode on March 1st is called The “Excelsior Acquisition.” Gee, I wonder who’s in it?.

Yes, Stan…I wonder.  Here’s an equation I can live with: Stan Lee + The Big Bang Theory = Win!

Steven Spielberg gets back into business with dinosaurs

Director Steven Spielberg may be joining up with Fox Broadcasting to bring a new drama to television.  The famed Jurassic Park director will produce the series which would involve, “a family from 100 years in the future who travel back in time 150 million years to the strange and inhospitable environs of prehistoric Earth”.

The series is said to involve such elaborate sets and special effects that should Fox move forward they would green light not just a pilot but the series entirely.  If this sounds kind of like Land of the Lost, don’t worry, if it doesn’t take off Fox will undoubtedly pull the plug on the show before the theme music has stopped.

Looks like the radar is clear until next week.  See you then!