Catch A 7 Minute Preview of Fox's 'Sons of Tucson'

Catch A 7 Minute Preview of Fox’s ‘Sons of Tucson’

Many people were saddened when the comedy/sci-fi series Reaper was taken off the air. Mostly because it was a funny and ambitious show, but also because that meant we wouldn’t get any more of Tyler Labine reprising his role as “Sock.” It looks like that hole will finally be filled, as he’s playing a very similar character in the new Fox sitcom Sons of Tucson.

The show looks to bring in elements of some of America’s favorite family situation comedies. From a Fox press release:

In the tradition of “Malcolm in the Middle” and “The Bernie Mac Show,” SONS OF TUCSON is a family comedy about three brothers who hire a charming, wayward schemer to stand in as their father when their real one goes to prison. What begins as a simple business relationship evolves into a family like no other.

Alongside Labine, the show stars Quarantine’s Benjamin Stockham, Doubt’s Frank Dolce, and newcomer Matthew Levy. Check out an exclusive 7-minute preview of the pilot after the jump, and be sure to catch Sons of Tucson this Sunday at 9:30PM ET on Fox.