What You Missed: Three Deleted Scenes From Last Week's 'The Office'

What You Missed: Three Deleted Scenes From Last Week’s ‘The Office’

If there’s one tv program we enjoy watching around here it’s The Office. The weekly hijinks of our favorite paper company characters never cease to bring the funny. We had a recap of last week’s episode “New Leads” for you a few days ago and as good as that episode was, we felt like there was still something missing.

Fortunately, NBC responded and has sent us three deleted scenes from the episode we can share with you today. These scenes including Stanley’s story about his wife poisoning him, Creed’s unique demands of Andy and more. In short, some pretty darn funny stuff.

The Office returns tomorrow night with a brand new episode. In the meantime, check out these deleted scenes after the jump.

New Leads – Clip One
Jim tries to keep the peace.

New Leads – Clip Two
Creed makes his own list of demands for Andy.

New Leads – Clip Three
The new boss is reading Stanley’s mind… finally!