Get Ready For 'Glee' With Two New Promos

Get Ready For ‘Glee’ With Two New Promos

Fans across the country are gearing up for the next chunk of Glee episodes to air on Fox. The show took a hiatus after it’s “Sectionals” episode back in December, so that the cast and crew could catch up, while also giving American Idol complete run of the network. Now that Idol is coming to a close soon enough, it’s time for the world of scripted musicals to shine again.

Last season brought in some great cameos such as Kristen Chenoweth and Josh Groban, but this second half is said to have names like Neil Patrick Harris, Adam Lambert, and many more to grace the screen. Not only is the second half of season one already packed with celebs, but there’s even going to be an entire episode dedicated to the song stylings of Madonna.

Even Jane Lynch’s “Sue Sylvester” is getting in the spirit with a new viral promo. Take a look at the newest TV spot, and what Sue has to say about “sneaky gays” after the jump. Be sure to catch all new episodes of Glee starting April 13th.