Catch A Sneak Peek At Tomorrow's 'Stargate Universe' and 'Merlin'

Catch A Sneak Peek At Tomorrow’s ‘Stargate Universe’ and ‘Merlin’

With both Stargate Universe and Merlin back on Friday night’s Syfy schedule, we’re going to be able to keep bringing you new preview clips for these shows each and every week. This week is no exception and we’ve got two previews for you this time around, courtesy of Syfy.

Beginning with Stargate Universe, this preview clip features Young and Scott as they search for a tracking device while division in the crew grows. And believe me, having been in space so many times, division is not something you want.

Next up is Merlin. In today’s preview clip Arthur’s entry into a tournament puts more than his life on the line. Seeing as he’s the king, that’s probably not a great idea.  Check out all the action starting with Stargate Universe at 9/8C followed by Merlin at 10/9C on Syfy. Check out the previews after, as always, the jump.

Stargate Universe – “Divided” Sneak Peek Clip

Merlin – “The Once and Future Queen” Sneak Peek Clip