Watch the First 14 Minutes of ABC's 'Happy Town'

Watch the First 14 Minutes of ABC’s ‘Happy Town’

We haven’t given you much info on ABC’s upcoming mystery show Happy Town so far. However, ABC must really have confidence in the show because they’ve put the first fourteen minutes of it online over at Hulu. Of course, we’ve got the video for you here as well so no need to click the link.

In this clip we don’t really learn much of what the show is about, only that it features an attractive and quirky cast of mostly familiar faces. Among the citizens of this town are Sam Neill, Amy Acker, Steven Weber, Lauren German and Lost alumni M.C. Gainey.

We do learn one or two other things including the fact that people are missing from the town and a presence called “The Magic Man,” who is probably not a good guy, needs to be dealt with. The first bit of the show held my interest to I suppose I’ll tune in for the entire thing when it premieres, if only to satisfy my curiosity about what happens in the rest of the premiere episode — and because I love Amy Acker. After that, we’ll see.

Happy Town premieres on ABC at 10/9C on April 28. Until then, check out the video after the jump.