Green Lantern's Suit To Be Completely CG

Green Lantern’s Suit To Be Completely CG

A few months back, when Ryan Reynolds was first cast as the lead in DC and Warner’s upcoming Green Lantern flick, the discussion was raised over at The Flickcast offices on what the suit would look like. It’s a question that has had comic and film fans at each other’s necks since Adam West donned the black and gray spandex for Batman back in 1966.

There have been some film costumes that did their comics justice, such as Favreau’s Iron Man or Nolan’s Batman. On the other hand, there were some flops such as the black leather costumes in the X-Men films or the horrible look of Halle Berry’s Catwoman outfit (as well as the rest of the film).

With those bad costumes in mind, director Martin Campbell reportedly asked costume designer Ngila Dickson to come up with something that audiences have never seen before when making the titular character’s attire. Not only did Dickson come up with something never seen, but she created a costume that can only be visualized through the use of computer generated imaging.

According to a report from Slashfilm, the suit is supposed to have an “otherworldly” look, which could only be done using CG. Jason Palmer, who does concept art for Warner Bros., was able to upload one of the pieces that he didn’t submit to the studio.

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