Hollywood Working On 'Danger Girl' Adaptation

Hollywood Working On ‘Danger Girl’ Adaptation

The term “adaptation” has gotten a bad reputation lately. When it’s thrown into the same sentence as “E*Trade baby” or “Battleship” or “Stretch Armstrong”, the last thing we want to hear about is yet another unnecessary movie property.

Luckily, this isn’t one of those cases, as producer Adrian Askarieh, who’s currently working on other comic-to-film properties such as Hack/Slash and Leonardo da Vinci and the Soldiers of Forever, is currently planning a Danger Girl movie. The LA Times recently got a chance to sit down with Askarieh and ask him about about the progress of the project, and it seems like they even have a director signed.

It is the story of a lost girl who, through this incredibly kick-ass adventure, finds her destiny, comes of age and helps save the world. What’s interesting is that our director, Todd Lincoln, who will also be executive producer on the project, my producing partner on this, Daniel Alter and myself were all independently huge fans of the book. When the opportunity arose to do this together and to work closely with creator J. Scott Campbell, we couldn’t resist because of that “tip of the hat” sensibility the book so effectively embodies.

Todd has a very interesting aesthetic approach to this project, which will actually inform the tone of the storytelling and the movie as a whole. Without giving too much away, he wants to use the technology similar to that used in “Avatar” to bring Campbell’s characters and world to life and yet, at the same time, have the audience fully recognize and be emotionally invested in the actors playing those characters.

So between the producers getting the ball running, and up-and-coming director Todd Lincoln signed and ready to go, all we need is details on a cast, script, and time table. Just the essential information of the film, which Askarieh hopes will be ready to announce by this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.