Get A Sneak Peak At Tonight's 200th Episode of 'South Park'

Get A Sneak Peak At Tonight’s 200th Episode of ‘South Park’

Hard to believe it’s been 13 years since Matt Stone and Trey Parker first put their cardboard-animated show about a group of boys from Colorado on the air, but tonight marks a true milestone, as the 200th episode of South Park airs on Comedy Central.

The franchise has been through quite a lot, between video games, films, direct-to-DVD specials, and more merchandise that you could shake a stick at. They may have become more socially conscious in the past few years, but the writing staff has never failed to push the envelope every week, which is one of the reasons 200 is a big number.

In tonight’s episode, the boys are in store for a Seinfeld-esque plot, as every celebrity they have ever mocked decides to file a class action lawsuit against the town of South Park.

Check out a brief preview of tonight’s episode after the jump, check in on some cool tribute videos over at their 200th Episode website, and be sure to catch South Park on Comedy Central, tonight at 10/9C.