Latest Trailer for Raven Studios' 'Singularity' Released

Latest Trailer for Raven Studios’ ‘Singularity’ Released

The game Singularity, from Raven Software and Activision, has been in development for some time and I’m sure its because they want to get it just right. Now, it seems they have as we’ve finally got a new trailer for the game to show you today and a confirmed release date. I first got a chance to play some Singularity at Comic-Con in San Diego last year and from what I saw then, and more recently, this game is really going to be exciting and fun. Plus, the idea of using time as a weapon is very cool.

In case you’re not familiar with the game it revolves around a mysterious island known as “Katorga-12” where Russian experiments involving element “E99” took place during the height of the Cold War. Sometime during 1950, a catastrophe known as the “Singularity” occurred on the island. In the game you are Nate Renko, an Air Force pilot who is sent to investigate radiation emissions coming from the island, only to crash land there.

After regaining consciousness, Nate finds the TMD (Time Manipulation Device) and discovers that the island is constantly shifting between 1950 and 2010. Renko’s goal is to find his co-pilot, escape the island and eventually prevent the Singularity from occurring and potentially destroying not only the island, but the entire human race.

Check out the trailer for the game after the jump. Singularity ships for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on June 29th.