Android Running On An iPhone

Sometimes in the world of Tech reporting writers can occasionally become jaded at having to talk about this new phone or that new device or Apple’s latest amazing creation which is usually amazing but people also criticize because it doesn’t do eveything. However, every once in awhile something happens that’s pretty revolutionary and also, pretty darn cool. Oh, and pretty darn geeky too.

Case in point is the intrepid coder/hacker/mad genius known as planetbeing who was able to install Android on his iPhone and make it work reasonably well. But wait, that’s not all. Not only can you run Android on your iPhone, you can dual boot between Android and the iPhone OS. Like I said, geeky as hell but also, darn cool.

Click through to check out the video showing this tasty bit of hackery goodness. Now where did I put that old iPhone?

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