Catch A Sneak Peek At Tomorrow's 'Stargate Universe' And 'Merlin'

Catch A Sneak Peek At Tomorrow’s ‘Stargate Universe’ And ‘Merlin’

As we often do around here, we’ve got new previews for tomorrow night’s brand new installments of Stargate Universe and Merlin. The shows, which air on the Syfy Network follow the adventures of a group of humans stranded on a runaway starship and the exploits of a boy wizard coming to grips with his powers amidst the turmoil of medieval England.

First up is Stargate Universe where in this clip we see Doctor Rush (Robert Carlyle) having a bit of trouble with his neural link to the Destiny ship. Will his newfound ability save the crew or destroy his mind? Next up on Merlin, Arthur faces a rival in rescuing Gwen and its not exacly who you would expect.

The fun starts tomorrow on Syfy at 9/8C with Stargate Universe followed at 10/9C by Merlin. Until then, check out the previews after the jump.

Stargate Universe – “Human” Sneak Peek Clip

Merlin – “Lancelot and Guinevere” Sneak Peek Clip