What You Missed: '30 Rock', 'The Office', And 'Community'

What You Missed: ’30 Rock’, ‘The Office’, And ‘Community’

Were you watching something else last night instead of NBC’s great Thursday comedies? Have never heard of or don’t know how to use a VCR or DVR? Did you go outside last night and interact with actual humans? Well, no matter what you did to miss these shows, don’t worry as we’ve got you covered.

Thanks to our friends at NBC, we’ve got video highlights of all the Thursday night comedies for you today. First, on Community, Jeff creates a monster when he tries to give Abed something meaningful to do all in the name of chicken. Next up on The Office, Andy and Erin hit their first relationship snag when Michael tells her Andy was engaged to Angela. Of course, she doesn’t take the news very well.

Finally on 30 Rock, Jack has a dating dilemma when he tries to balance two women and Liz tries to prove she’s fun by going to every singles event she can possibly attend. Plus, on a second new episode, Liz shows she knows how to party and surprisingly, it doesn’t turn out exactly like she thought it would.

Check out all the great highlights after the jump and for full episodes, head on over to NBC’s website.


Cut The Power Off At The Source

Double Escalator

The Office

Erin Snaps!
Erin tells Andy she knows the truth about him and Angela.
Link: http://www.nbc.com/The_Office/video/erin-snaps/1221763/
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Secretary’s Day

30 Rock

Liz’s Party

Liz’s Secrets