Check Out A Preview For Marvel's 'Iron Man Extremis' Episode 2

Check Out A Preview For Marvel’s ‘Iron Man Extremis’ Episode 2

Previously on The Flickcast we brought the first preview taking you behind the scenes for Marvel’s latest motion comic Iron Man Extremis. The comic sold well and now they are back with another installment and we’ve got another preview to share with you again this time.

This time around we get more of a traditional trailer approach to the motion comic with exciting visuals, action and lots of blood. After all, it’s not called “Extremis” for nothing. Additionally, as we agree to do when we run video like this, here’s what Marvel has to say on the subject.

Experience Iron Man in a whole new way – IRON MAN: EXTREMIS Motion Comic. From the story by Warren Ellis & Adi Granov, this incredible epic blends seamless motion, dynamic voice acting, and stunning special effects, bringing to life the story that redefined Iron Man for the 21st Century. Now you can get a sneak peek at the second episode of this breathtaking visual breakthrough in motion comics!

The second episode of IRON MAN EXTREMIS goes on-sale Wednesday, April 28th!

Check out the video after the jump.