Robert Downey Jr. Discusses Future of Tony Stark, Marvel Properties

Robert Downey Jr. Discusses Future of Tony Stark, Marvel Properties

While Iron Man fans wait with bated breath for the long-awaited sequel to be released in theaters next week, Robert Downey, Jr. recently told MTV’s Splash Page about the future of several Marvel properties in the works (namely The Avengers and Thor) and the future role of Tony Stark outside the Iron Man movies.

Although he hasn’t seen a script for the upcoming Avengers movie, Downey said he wasn’t familiar with the work of Joss Whedon, the rumored director of the upcoming flick.

“I’m not very familiar with the guy, but I will let Marvel make whatever decisions they deem appropriate.”

While Downey didn’t know if his participation in The Avengers was a “done deal,” the actor stated that it didn’t really bother him, because “everything changes in success and everything changes in lack of success.”

Downey did reveal that he has already visited the set of Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming Thor, Marvel’s god of thunder, as he has taken on the mantle of being an ambassador of sorts.

“I take it fairly seriously. As a bit of an ambassador from Marvel, it’s important for me to just show up and let these guys know there’s a presence and an awareness, and a gratitude, and a bit of a commiseration because these are tough movies to pull off. I think between the casting and Branagh at the helm, I particularly feel that Thor is on a really solid page right now.”

Not only did Downey have high praise for Branagh and the Thor film, he was equally impressed with Chris Hemsworth, the film’s star and wielder of Mjolnir, the magic hammer of the gods.

“It’s interesting, isn’t it? That guy is compelling even in small doses, so I bet getting to see him fully inhabit an iconic character should be good.”

Iron Man 2 finally arrives in theaters May 7, 2010.