Cortney's TV Digest: What's On In May

Cortney’s TV Digest: What’s On In May

May might not be the month for premiers of amazing shows, but there is something that May always brings us: amazing, shocking, mind-blowing season (or in the case of many, series) finales. This month on Cortney’s TV Digest, we’ve got the end of some of our favorite shows, the continuation of some of tv’s biggest and brightest, and one new show you’re really going to need to watch.


As heartbreaking as it may be that one of our most beloved and mind-blowing television shows will be coming to an end this May, ABC has a full five hours of programming on the night of Lost‘s finale. There will be a two-hour retrospective on the series prior to the two-hour finale at 9 PM, and then a special “Jimmy Kimmel Live” right after in honor of the show.

We don’t know much yet about Lost‘s upcoming finale episode, only that is is titled “The End” and will be airing on a special night, Sunday the 23rd. Curiously, the number 23 is one of Lost‘s infamous numbers, and if you’ve been keeping up with the show this season, you’ll remember 23 corresponds with one of the candidates written on the ceiling of the cave. Whatever this means will be revealed later this month when Lost finally comes to an end.


While the first season of Glee won’t be wrapping up until June, we have a lot to look forward to this month from our favorite singers at William McKinley High School. The Madonna-centric episode aired last month to much fanfare, and this month “Gleeks” everywhere are eagerly awaiting the much-anticipated Lady GaGa-themed episode.

It looks like the show will cover two of GaGa’s biggest hits, “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance”. While we’re not sure when this episode will air, Neil Patrick Harris will also make an appearance this season as Will Shuester’s high school rival, so there’s so much to look forward to in the world of Glee in May.


Are you watching this show yet? If not, when you’re finished reading this you’re going to need to start. Justified, starring Timothy Olyphant, starting airing in March and has stayed consistently strong ever since. Olyphant’s character Raylan Givens is a U.S. Marshal with his own trademark brand of justice who’s been transferred back to Harlan County, his hometown.

Justified is on FX every Tuesday at 10, and is a show that is sure to fill the gap left in your TV life as other shows end their season runs, as it will wrap up its first season in June.


The fifth season of The CW’s hit horror television show Supernatural is wrapping up this month, with the stakes higher than ever as Sam and Dean Winchester realize the Apocalypse is looming ever closer. This season has been incredibly emotional and action packed, and with the final episodes ahead it looks like the end of this season will be a doozy, as neither Sam or Dean have given into the forces of Heaven and Hell.

The finale will air May 13th, and the show is officially renewed for a sixth season, much to the relief of fangirls everywhere.

June’s a big month in TV land, with the return of HBO’s True Blood, Hung, and Entourage, as well as the end of some of this season’s favorite shows. Check back next month for more of Cortney’s TV Digest right here at The Flickcast.