Check Out This 'Survival of the Dead Poster' by 'Walking Dead' Artist Charlie Adlard

Check Out This ‘Survival of the Dead Poster’ by ‘Walking Dead’ Artist Charlie Adlard

We’ve been following George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead since way back last November when our own Chris Ullrich saw it in Austin during Fantastic Fest. Over the last few months more info is being released about the film, including a previous poster and a trailer, and now we’ve got something very cool to share with you today.

Although it might seem like just another poster for the film, if you look closer you’ll notice something a bit special about this one. You might also recognize the artwork, especially if you happen to be a fan of zombies and comics. That’s right, The Walking Dead‘s very own artist Charlie Adlard has created this poster for the film and as is usual for his work, it looks pretty awesome.

Just to remind you about the film so you can be sure to check it out, it immediately follows the events of Diary of the Dead and concerns an island off the coast of Deleware called Plum. On the island are two families, the O’Flynn’s and the Muldoons, who are locked in a struggle for power.

The O’Flynn’s are forced to exile family patriarch Patrick (Kenneth Welsh) by boat to the mainland, where he meets up with a band of soldiers, headed by Guardsman Sarge (Alan Van Sprang). They join forces and return to the island, to find that the zombie plague has fully gripped the divided community.

Check out a larger version of the poster after the jump. Survival of the Dead is on now available via VOD, Amazon, Xbox Live and Playstation and in theaters on May 28th.