More Cool Features Discovered In Latest iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3

More Cool Features Discovered In Latest iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3

Even though the latest iPhone OS (aka OS 4.0) is still in Beta and has only been released to developers, that hasn’t stopped people from installing it and then posting what they find on the Internets. Let’s face it, when its something from Apple, it’s just really hard to keep it a secret.

Case in point is a report over at one of our favorite Tech sites, The Boy Genius Report, where they detail the latest goodies found in Apple’s recent revision to the iPhone OS 4.0 Beta, now known as Beta 3.

Check out what they found:

File Sharing

Apple is finally going to allow you to transfer files to and from your iPhone straight from your computer.

Media Player Widgets
When you enable the multitasking interface you see a new set of widgets that control the iPod application.

Multitasking: Closing Applications

Shutting down applications that were running in the background has been simplified in Beta 3. No longer do you have to press, hold and click close for each application. Instead you simply press and hold the icon of one of the many applications you’re currently running, and you’ll be given the option to close whatever ones you wish.

Orientation Lock

Having the ability to flip the iPhone on its side for horizontal use is great but not all the time. Now, you can lock it in Portrait mode. To enable orientation lock, you simply use the multitasking interface, swipe to the left and click the Portrait Lock icon. Just like on the iPad only the iPad has a physical switch, which is nice.

While these new features do seem to be an improvement to the OS I can’t help but wonder if they will make it to the final release. I’m particularly interested in File Sharing as that’s something the iPhone has been lacking, at least for me. I hope that feature makes it to the final release.