Check Out Previews For Tonight's 'Merlin' and 'Stargate Universe'

Check Out Previews For Tonight’s ‘Merlin’ and ‘Stargate Universe’

As we do most Fridays, we’ve got previews for two of Syfy’s shows for you again this week. Both Merlin and Stargate Universe offer action, suspense, romance and drama each week and if you haven’t checked them out yet, you may want to give them a chance.

Starting off with Stargate Universe, the crew is really in trouble this week when their ship, the aptly named Destiny, starts to lose power. If her power fails completely, they could be adrift in space. . . forever. That’s not something you want to happen because, as you know, it’s cold in space and no one can hear you scream. Sorry, that’s from another show. Anyway. . .

Next up on Merlin, the boy wizard must reveal Catrina’s true and evil form before she destroys the kingdom. Jeez, it’s always something with these boy wizards, isn’t it? All the action begins at 9/8C with Stargate Universe followed at 10/9C by Merlin, only on Syfy. Check out both previews after the jump.

Stargate Universe – “Sabotage”
If Dr. Rush can’t alter Destiny’s course, the ship could be set adrift.

Merlin – “Beauty and the Beast: Part 2”
Merlin must reveal Catrina’s true form before she destroys the kingdom.