Verizon Confirms It's Making A Tablet With Google

Verizon Confirms It’s Making A Tablet With Google

The alliance between Verizon and Google just seems to be getting stronger. First, they partnered to offer several Android powered smartphones like the Moto DROID and the HTC DROID Incredible and now the two companies are reportedly teaming up to being a tablet computer to market to compete directly with Apple’s iPad.

According to reports in the Wall Street Journal, Verizon and Google’s partnership aims to bring the “next big wave of opportunities” to the U.S. wireless industry. The Verizon-Google tablet is intended to “clip the wings of the ever-soaring iPad” Nice.

Sadly there’s no word on who will make the hardware for the tablet or when it may be available. Still, it’s interesting to speculate. What I would love to see is a tablet device made by HTC, featuring Android OS topped with HTC’s Sense UI to make it look cleaner.

Plus, a wireless card from Verizon that did combo 3G/4G. Now that would be a tablet I would be interested in and one that could give the iPad a definite run for its money.