First Trailer For Matt Damon's 'The Adjustment Bureau' Goes Online

First Trailer For Matt Damon’s ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ Goes Online

With every big-budget original idea, there always seems to be another film with a similar plot right behind it. In this case, we’ve got Chris Nolan’s Inception hitting theaters this summer, and now, along the same lines of psychological thriller, we’ve got Matt Damon in The Adjustment Bureau.

Granted, this idea came first in the form of a novel by Philip K. Dick, but it still doesn’t excuse Universal for releasing the film a few months after Inception. In Bureau, Damon plays Senate candidate David Norris who falls in love with the quirky Emily Blunt. They get together, get it on, and Damon is visited by a group of greyhairs in suits who explain that they “control how things work” and his relationship was never supposed to happen.

The film has  elements of The Matrix, Dark City, and Inception, with some potentially great performances from Mad Men and Iron Man 2’s John Slattery and Superman’s Terence Stamp. The film also comes from writer/director George Nolfi who worked with Damon on 2007’s Bourne Ultimatum, so there’s a little bit of history too.

Check out the trailer after the jump, courtesy of Yahoo Movies, and keep an eye out for The Adjustment Bureau when it hits theaters on September 17.