First Image of Ryan Reynolds In 'Green Lantern' Suit . . . Sort Of

First Image of Ryan Reynolds In ‘Green Lantern’ Suit . . . Sort Of

About a month ago, we first told you that Ryan Reynolds wouldn’t be donning any spandex or leather for his upcoming superhero blockbuster Green Lantern. Instead, Warner Bros. and director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) made the executive decision to make Hal Jordan’s suit completely computer generated.

With that said, we’re getting the first set pic of Reynolds walking around in the motion-capture suit he wears when shooting so that the visual effects team knows what to replace with the futuristic and shiny Green Lantern costume.

We are still not completely sold on the idea of a non-practical suit for the film, as it looked in the comics, but it will always beat the decision to give the X-Men black leather suits, so we’re OK with it for now.

Check out the image of Reynolds on set in the motion-capture suit, and see if you can imagine what the suit will look like in the finished film. Thanks to our pals at MTV Splash Page for the heads up on the pic.