CBS May Air Twitter Sensation '$#*! My Dad Says,' Shatner to Play Lead

CBS May Air Twitter Sensation ‘$#*! My Dad Says,’ Shatner to Play Lead

With over 1.3 million followers, the popular Twitter account ‘$#*! My Dad Says‘ would seem a natural for a book deal, but a network TV show? No double take is necessary, because not only has the hardcover version of collected material from¬†Justin Halpern’s Twitter account hit the New York Times best sellers list, CBS has announced it may pick up the show for its fall comedy line-up.

Halpern, 29, lives with his 74-year-old father and chronicles his words of advice, rants and everything in between on Twitter. His father’s foul-mouthed wisdom cuts deep, but rings hilariously true, even if at Justin’s expense. The elder Halpert’s one-liners seem a natural fit for Twitter’s forced brevity, but one has to wonder how it will transition to the small screen.

Interestingly, the pilot starred William Shatner and Ryan Devlin, however sources are indicating that Devlin may be re-cast when (or if) the series heads to air. Justin had something to do with the casting, elaborating on his choice to the Chicago Sun-Times. “I pushed for Mr. Shatner,” Halpern said. “He’s been fantastic. He’s like my dad in that he says what he wants to say when he wants to say it.”

CBS is expected to announce their full fall schedule this Wednesday.