Get A Sneak Peek At Some of Fox's New Fall Shows

Get A Sneak Peek At Some of Fox’s New Fall Shows

As we did with ABC’s new shows earlier today and NBC’s show’s yesterday, we’ve got a preview of some of the new Fox shows for you as well. This time around the shows are more drama heavy but also feature a comedy and an animated show.

First up is the new drama Lonestar which features Jon Voight in a show described as “a modern-day Dallas” and “a sophisticated and provocative drama set against the sprawling backdrop of big Texas oil.” Mmm, could be interesting.

Next up is the new cop show Ride-Along from Shawn Ryan, creator of The Shield. This drama follows the exploits of a veteran cop (Jason Clarke of Brotherhood) doing whatever he can to keep the streets clean. It also stars Jennifer Beals.

Moving along to the next show we’ve got a preview for the new comedy Running Wild which features Wil Arnett as a rich guy who’s wife, played by Kerri Russell, tries to keep him in line and do some good along the way. It was created by Arrested Development’s Mitchell Hurwitz so it’s definitely got a comedy pedigree.

Finally, the last preview for today is the new animated show Bob’s Burgers from the guy who brought you Dr. Katz. It focuses on a struggling family-run burger joint that seems to violate a great deal of health codes. Of all of these shows I think I’m most interested in Ride-Along.

Shawn Ryan created one of the best cop shows of all time with The Shield and he knows this world and the people in it. I expect great things from Ride-Along. The others? I guess we’ll see.

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Running Wild

Bob’s Burgers