Next Season of 'Smallville' To Be The Last

Next Season of ‘Smallville’ To Be The Last

From the not really surprising department comes the “official” word that the next season of Smallville will be the last. The network made the announcement during its upfront presentation this morning saying that it will end the show after the tenth season.

Again, not so surprising considering the show seemed to always be “on the bubble” and never was a ratings winner. However, this season the show performed far better than expected, which reportedly earned it a renewal for a tenth and final season.

As a fan of the show, I’m happy to see it coming back for at least one more season. And truth be told, the show was very good this year so I’m not surprised it did better in the ratings. People really seemed to respond to the most recent storyline and the relationship between Clark, Lois and The Blur was well done.

With next season being the last now we just need to do a storyline that will take it from the small screen to the big one. Tom Welling has spent years perfecting Clark Kent and Superman, I think it’s time he got the chance to play them in a feature film. Who’s with me?