The Flickcast's 'On the Radar'

The Flickcast’s ‘On the Radar’

Here’s a list of things that made a blip on The Flickcast’s radar this week from around the Internets, Twitter and beyond. Let us know if we missed anything cool so we can include it in the next installment of On the Radar.

• Planning a LOST finale party? Well, no party is complete without LOST BINGO!

• Morgan Spurlock, Harry Knowles, Stan Lee and Joss Whedon teaming up to fight crime. . . er make a documentary about San Diego Comic-Con.

• Apparently, nobody in the US gives a crap about Manga. We could have told you that.

• James Cameron’s Avatar has sold a metric butt load of DVDs and Blu-rays. Color us blue for surprised.

• Larry David and friends head to NYC to do the last season of Curb. That show is still on?

• Are you a fan of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? How about Lord of The Rings? Well, what if Gandalf sang the opening theme? Mind = Blown!

• Did you get a chance to check out Maggie Q in the new show Nikita? If not, what are you waiting for?

• MacGruber takes to war with Shrek with a site dedicated to abolishing the ogre’s good reputation.

• Looking for something to do on your long Memorial Day weekend? Why not check out the 10 Best Movie Drinking Games? Warning: you won’t be sober for long.

The Wire with a laugh track? Diff’rent Strokes as a mystery? These are some of the coolest TV remixes out there.

• In honor of the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, Xbox Live is allowing you to get your Star Wars geek on with a collection of new themed avatar clothes.

Rubber, a film about a psychic tire that blows up people’s minds is finally getting released. No, James Cameron has nothing to do with it.

• The first scene of Fincher and Sorkin’s Facebook movie hits the web and no, it doesn’t involve poking.

• Improv group reenacts a scene from Ghostbusters in the New York Library. Sadly, it wasn’t the scene where Rick Moranis gets eaten by a demonic dog.