'Official' Trailer and Poster for 'The Killer Inside Me' Now Online

‘Official’ Trailer and Poster for ‘The Killer Inside Me’ Now Online

Previously, we brought you an extended trailer for director Michael Winterbottom’s upcoming film The Killer Inside Me. Sadly, as we found out later, it wasn’t the “official’ release and was subsiquently removed from the Internets. That was unfortunate because the trailer, and the movie, looked quite interesting.

Fortunately, the studio has now seen fit to release the trailer “officially” into the wild and, of course, we’ve got it for you right here. This trailer isn’t all that different from the previous one and still features the film’s stars Casey Affleck, Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba doing what they do best. It also has a great look and intriguing premise. However, it doesn’t go quite a far as the last one did and is obviously more for general consumption. I’m sure we’ll see a “Red Band” version of this soon enough.

In case you’ve forgotten what the film is about, its based on the novel by Jim Thompson, who also wrote the novels The Grifters and The Getaway, and features Affleck as Sheriff Lou Ford who, on the surface, is an upstanding citizen and upholds the law. But underneath, Ford hides a dark secret that leads him to places he may not want to go but feels compelled to explore.

The Killer Inside Me also features Bill Pulman, Simon Baker, Ned Beatty and Elias Koteas. It hits theaters and On Demand June 18th. Check out the trailer and a larger version of the poster after the jump.