Harrison Ford Returns To Comedy in the New Trailer for 'Morning Glory'

Harrison Ford Returns To Comedy in the New Trailer for ‘Morning Glory’

Any film geek, be they fans of sci-fi or adventure, has fallen victim to the charm of Harrison Ford at one point or another. Whether it was for Han Solo, Rick Deckard or Indiana Jones, we’ve all rooted for Ford as the main character for years. As of late, his roles have been simplified to running around demanding his family back, or ruining our childhood with a rehashed sequel. Finally, Ford is trying on a new old hat: playing the comic relief.

The first trailer for Morning Glory hit this week, which stars the always lovely Rachel McAdams as a morning TV show producer who needs to help boost her career by keeping the oil and water of Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton’s characters together and happy every morning.

The film has got geek cred all over it, from Sherlock Holmes‘ McAdams, to Ford, to Watchmen’s Patrick Wilson and Jeff Goldblum. The film is even produced by J.J. Abram’s Bad Robot production company, and written by Aline Brosh McKenna, who will also be writing a new Abrams project in 2012.

Check out the first trailer for Morning Glory after the jump, and keep an eye out when the film hits theaters on November 12th.