Apple Reportedly Bringing Out Entirely New AppleTV Based on Next-Gen iPhone

Apple Reportedly Bringing Out Entirely New AppleTV Based on Next-Gen iPhone

As someone who purchased an Apple TV I find the device somewhat useful. Sure, its sorta a pain to have to sync your movies and TV programs to iTunes but it does make a pretty good streaming video server. Although, it does have its limitations, including the rather small size of the internal storage, and is rather costly for what it really does.

Well, according to a pretty well confirmed rumor over at Engadget those limitations, and the high price, are about to change. Apple is reportedly hard at work on developing and rolling out a brand new version of the Apple TV which will resemble, both is form and in specs, the fourth generation iPhone. It will be an iPhone-like box without a screen which will run the iPhone OS and serve content. It will have very few ports — possibly only HDMI and power — and it will reportedly cost only $99.00.

Video output for the device will be up to 1080p, it will have up to 16GB of internal storage and an Apple A4 processor. I know what you’re thinking. Only 16 GB of internal Flash storage? That’s too small.

Well, fear not, Apple has you covered because the device will reportedly store all media on “the cloud” much like other services from Netflix, Microsoft and Amazon do. The difference here is that with Apple’s offering, you will be able to get “instant on” 1080p content delivered directly to your giant plasma TV.

Does that sound pretty cool or what? Oh, and did I mention the thing will reportedly cost only $99.00? Yeah, they’re gonna sell a few of these. . . quite a few. Can’t wait to see how this device stacks up against Google’s upcoming GoogleTV.