'The Crow' Reboot Going Forward

‘The Crow’ Reboot Going Forward

We can add yet another film reboot to our growing list of projects which already includes Predators, Logan’s Run, Escape from New York, Planet of the Apes and so many more. Yes, that’s right it looks like director Steven Norrington is going forward with his reboot of The Crow.

Remembered by many as the film during which actor Brandon Lee died, it was a stylistic thriller from director Alex Proyas, who went on to do the equally stylistic Dark City and the less-than-stellar I, Robot. Now, the reboot is going full ahead and MTV Splashpage has got some scoop on the film from producer Ed Pressman.

According to Pressman, Norrington’s screenplay is finished and his vision for the film is inching much closer to reality, with casting announcements on the way and filming beginning this year. In addition, the movie will deviate significantly in locale and the Crow itself will also play a larger role in the film.

In case you’re not familiar with the story it concerns a man named Eric who’s fiance is murdered in front of him. He is resurrected by a crow and seeks vengeance on his murderers. He is immortal and can only be injured when the crow itself is hurt.

Pressman expects to begin shooting The Crow later this year for a projected release early in 2011.