Viral Video Hints At New Playstation Console

Playstation 3, Sony’s seventh generation console, has been on the market for almost four years now. It’s had two models, two hard drive sizes, a top-of-the-line Bluray player, a motion controller (with another one on the way), and complete connectivity with its portable predecessor. Overall, you could say the system has had an impressive history. But is Sony already working to release a new console? This video certainly hints to that.

Posted by Kotaku earlier today, the video begins in sort of a complex, labeled S.C.E. Principal Scientific Research Laboratory, Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan (coincidentally the same city where Sony has its offices). A woman is talking to the cameraman, then a man in a lab coat, as they race frantically through the facility.

They speak in anxious tones as they make their way to a room, where a man is lying on the floor holding a controller. When they remove his glasses and try to remove the controller from his hands, he begins shrieking. In the background, a television displays the Playstation symbol, and the video cuts to black with the words “PS4 V3.1 – Please Wait A Moment” written in Japanese.

While the video isn’t confirmed to be the work of Sony or Playstation themselves, the appearance of the video as well as the words and images displayed certainly warrant some speculation. The image that appears on the TV certainly looks three-dimensional, but the appearance of the word “PS4” definitely makes it seem like a new Playstation is what this video is really all about. Check out the trailer for yourself after the jump and let us know what you’re take is.

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