E3 2010: 'Super Scribblenauts' Trailer Revealed

E3 2010: ‘Super Scribblenauts’ Trailer Revealed

At last year’s E3, we were treated to several previews of 5th Cell’s action adventure puzzle game known as Scribblenauts, a DS game whose objective was to solve puzzles and finish levels by summoning nouns. The game turned out to be a critical success, with incredibly fun gameplay that offered endless possibilities. So it’s no surprise that, at this year’s E3, the trailer for the game’s follow-up, Super Scribblenauts, has emerged.

With Super Scribblenauts, players will be able to not only summon nouns like the previous game, but will be able to add on adjectives to those nouns, resulting in even more creative and endlessly possible ways to solve the game’s puzzles. Some hilarious examples you’ll see in the trailer are “winged armed angry cow”, “zombified telekinetic bully”, and “gentlemanly red raptor”. The trailer also mentions that the game will include refined controls, allowing players to move Max with both the stylus and the control pad, something that was a huge problem in the original game. Super Scribblenauts will also n even more expansive dictionary of words that the game will recognize.

Be sure to arm yourself with both stylus and dictionary this October when Super Scribblenauts is released for the Nintendo DS. You can watch the trailer after the jump.