Catch A Sneak Peek At Tonight's 'Merlin' and the New Season of 'Warehouse 13'

Catch A Sneak Peek At Tonight’s ‘Merlin’ and the New Season of ‘Warehouse 13’

As we’ve been doing for the past weeks with Stargate Universe and Merlin, we’ve got new show promos to share with you again today. However, with Stargate Universe having its season finale last week, the focus now shifts to the upcoming premiere of Syfy’s Warehouse 13.

So, to start us off right we’ve got two clips from Warehouse 13 to share with you as well as a clip from tonight’s episode of Merlin. Fist up on Warehouse 13 check out the team coming back with a vengeance after last season’s cliffhanger ending. How have things changed and what will the team do to make sure those pesky artifacts don’t fall into the wrong hands? Check out those promos to find out.

On Merlin, the boy wizard sees a new side to Morgana when Mordred returns seeking her help. Will this turn out to be a good thing or yet another sign that Merlin may have some trouble on his hands? Check out the video and tonight’s episode for all the answers.

Check out all the clips after the jump. Merlin airs tonight at 10/9C on Syfy. Warehouse 13 premieres on Tuesday, July 6th at 9/8C.

Below, we have two new clips for you. The first clip is a promo for Season 2 of Warehouse 13, entitled “Pisa”. Season 2 premieres Tuesday, July 6th at 9/8C only on Syfy! The second clip is a new trailer in support of tomorrow night’s episode of Merlin, beginning at 10/9c.

Warehouse 13 – “Pisa”

Warehouse 13 – “Back with a Vengeance”

Merlin – “The Witch’s Quickening”