E32010: 'Rayman Origins' Trailer Revealed

E32010: ‘Rayman Origins’ Trailer Revealed

The original 2D sidescrolling Rayman game was one of the reasons that made me purchase a Playstation console. The incredibly fun gameplay coupled with the gorgeously animated for its time graphics really made me fall in love with the franchise. However, its 3D successors never managed to capture the greatness that was the original game. Which is why it’s incredibly exciting that, at Ubisoft’s E3 conference yesterday, a brand-new Rayman game was announced, Rayman Origins.

The first true 2D successor to Rayman, Rayman Origins certainly retains the gameplay, animation, and humor of the original game. It seems that this game will deal with where Rayman comes from as well as a new character, dubbed Rayman’s “double” or “blood-brother”. Together, as the trailer explains, they apparently will share their taste in dance and music, as well as their conception of life in polite society. No idea what this means, but it sounds hilarious, and awesome.

While there is no official release date for Rayman Origins, we do know it’ll be available on Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and the iPad. The game will be released in episodes, allowing for reasonable pricing and a longer, more developed game. We’ll keep you posted on this as well as any other games being announced at E3 during the coming days. You can watch the trailer for Rayman Origins after the jump.