Web Comic Shows What It's Like To Own An Apple Product

Web Comic Shows What It’s Like To Own An Apple Product

Two things that we’re pretty big fans of around The Flickcast offices: web comics and Apple. A good portion of us are proud iPhone owners, and some of us (mostly those who can’t deal with AT&T) show our Apple pride with other products like the Mac or iPad.

We all know how crazy the ever-changing world of consumer electronics can be, but Apple certainly takes the cake. I couldn’t tell you how many old iPhones or iPods are now sitting on my desk as paperweights due to my need to buy the “next big thing.”

We’re also fans of the humorous web comic The Oatmeal. Their zany, original humor has made us smile at least once, and now they’ve brought it to a whole new level by outlining what it’s like to be an owner of an Apple product.

Check out the web comic after the jump, and we’ll be sure to bring you the latest news about the next cool new Apple product to hit the market.