E3 2010: Nintendo Unveils 'Donkey Kong Country Returns'

E3 2010: Nintendo Unveils ‘Donkey Kong Country Returns’

To the delight of Nintendo fanboys everywhere, another classic franchise got a sequel at today’s E3 Nintendo press conference. That franchise is Donkey Kong, and your favorite ape along with Diddy Kong will be swinging and jumping their way through a new game, Donkey Kong Country Returns.

The first Donkey Kong adventure game since 2005’s Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Donkey Kong Country Returns is developed by Metroid Prime creators Retro Studios. The game will feature the same familiar 2D gameplay that players have come to expect of the franchise. The trailer shows Donkey and Diddy making their way through levels of mine carts, swinging from vines, and fighting through pirate ships.

Donkey Kong Country Returns will swing its way onto the Nintendo Wii this holiday season. While you wait, enjoy a tasty banana and watch the gameplay trailer after the jump.