Apple Releases iOS 4 to the Masses

Apple Releases iOS 4 to the Masses

Don’t be jealous of your friends who ordered a new iPhone 4. Well, maybe just a little. At least you’ll be able to use that fancy OS Apple designed for the new iPhone because they have just released iOS 4 into the wild for all to download and enjoy.

iOS 4 can be installed on your newer iPhone OS devices including the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 3GS, the 2G iPod touch and the 3G iPod touch. With iOS 4, you’ll be able to multitask, use folders to organize your apps, have a unified e-mail inbox, and much more. Sadly, without an actual iPhone 4 you will miss out on some features, like that two-way-video chat thing, but you still get some cool stuff.

As has been pointed out at various outlets, this version of iOS4 is the same 8A293 build seeded to developers with the GM release candidate. So, if you’re a developer, no need to update.

You will also need iTunes 9.2 for your new iOS 4 installation. Also, iPhone 3G users may need to do a full restore, not just an update, to get this release working.

If you do decide to update, let us know your experiences, good and bad, in the comments. For us, one iPhone 3GS updated so far and all is well.